Friday, July 31, 2009

Wedding party and ceremony

Kelly's Korner is hosting a "Show Us Your Life" for us girls to show off our wedding ceremonies/flowers...and what girl doesn't LOVE talking about their wedding??? I sure do!

These are our programs and cute little "Tears of Joy" packets I made. I SLAVED on those programs but I really loved them. Glad I made them myself instead of paying for it too =)

Here's a close up of my flowers and bridesmaids flowers. I knew I wanted to have white flowers and I really wanted red roses to match the girls dresses (like Britney Spears had if you've ever seen that pic). When I went to the florist she said some pink roses would look good in there and so I told her to do whatever...just make them pretty. I didn't see an example bouquet or ANYTHING until the wedding. When the florist pulled up with them, I CRIED. They were more beautiful than I could ever imagine. SO glad she led me to this decision!

I could cry every time I see this picture. I love my dad walking me down the aisle in the church I came to know the Lord in, was baptized in, and grew up loving. Not the most beautiful (paisley carpet...YUCK!) but really sentimental.

LOVE this picture. Me and my mom hugging during the rose ceremony. Such a special moment.

Totally cheesy but my whole wedding party danced out of our wedding to "This Will Be An Everlasting Love" by Natalie Cole. It was such a fun way to end our perfectly "us" ceremony.

My maid of honor Ashley and best man Justin boogie-ing down the aisle. Each couple choreographed a little something that morning (while I waited in the bridal room alone...but it was worth it!).

I think this is the classic wedding picture you do if you have enough people in your wedding party. I'm pretty sure we'll look back in 20 years and make fun of it but I think it's adorable.

Groomsmen left to right

Richard-Chris grew up playing baseball with him and they played 2 years in college together.
Jeff-Chris went to high school playing baseball with him and went to college junior/senior year with him. They were roommates when we met.
Justin (best man)-Chris' lifelong roommate and brother. Great guy and SINGLE if you're in the DFW area ;)
Josh-Chris played ball and lived with him while living with Jeff.
Under me-
Jared-Played baseball together and lived together at Missouri Baptist.

See why we had a February wedding? All these boys still have baseball ties (coaching, minors, etc.) so no spring wedding for us! Did I mention it was in STL and 32 degrees that day???

This just somes up how fun our day was!

LOVE Chris' face!


Lynn-best friend from high school. Shared the role of captain our senior year on the pom squad making us fabulous friends.
Ashley (maid of honor)-roommate throughout college. Her husband sang and played the keyboard in our wedding. Her wedding was the month after ours!
Ann-we worked together forever at several different jobs. She helped lead me to the Lord and I helped lead her back. We have a strong connection because of that.
Stacy-my funny sister. She was hilarious all day...kept me laughing!
Lindsay-my smart sister. She's the brains in everything. She kept me laughing but she wasn't trying.

And my favorite picture of the day.

We had 2 slideshows-one of us growing up to "When God Made You" and one of just the two of us to "We Will Dance" by Steven Curtis Chapman. My friend Lindsey who is in the music industry in Nashville had a friend write a song for her sister's wedding that fit us PERFECTLY. We played that during the unity candle and rose ceremony. It talked about how happy we made each other and than how pleased God was with our covenant. One of the lyrics said "and He said, I've never been happier than I am right now watching my son and daughter, take these vows, the angels are singing and I am so proud, never been happier than right now." AMAZING. The bridal party walked down the aisle to "Your Love is Extravagent" and my maid of honors fiance' at the time played and sang it. It was beautiful!

I really don't think it could have gone any more perfectly than it did.


MELISSA said...

all of it is so pretty.. especially the flowers.
what is the rose ceremony? never heard of that.

The Crowder Family said...

We gave each of our mom's a rose after we lit the unity candle. Some people might call it something different...

Annie said...

you are too cute!
so many beautiful pictures!! you were a gorgeous bride! and that last pic that is your fave, WOW, it is the neatest picture i have seen in a while...adorable!
p.s. just randomly floatin by....very sweet blog you have :)