Monday, June 29, 2009

Sweet Summer Vacation

I'm seriously late posting pics from San Francisco so here they are! It was one of my most favorite trips EVER!

Chris at the airport waiting on our plane

How cute are these little boats???
I LOVED the Sea Lions. They were trying to push each other off into the stinking cute!

Alcatraz out in the bay.

Map Man!
Coach stop! I'm aware that I am a complete cheese ball.

Coit tower and some adorable homes. There was also an elementary school at the top of this hill. Maybe we could move here and I could teach there???

At the top of the hill where you can see the whole city.

Chris on the trolley. He was a little envious of the people hanging on the sides. We were able to do it on another ride but don't have any pictures for proof. I was too busy holding on for dear life.

I love the cable cars. Such a cool mode of public transportation.

Cool story. Justin played baseball with Chris in Las Vegas. Chris got him a place on the team at Missouri Baptist. After school, Justin moved back to California to Modesto. He married Rachel (they dated throughout all this) and met up with us in San Franciso for the day. It was so fun to hang out with's been 4 years!

How beautiful is the Golden Gate Bridge?

More of the sweet sea lion.

Lombardo Street...the crookedest street. By the way, I love the word "crookedest." It's fun to type and say.

Us on the Golden Gate.
Post card row.

Shoo be doo wop ba dah! Hello Tanner's! We walked for miles to find it but it was worth the whole minute we stood in front of it in wonder.

Definitely lost trying to find Starbucks. Who has two thumbs and needs coffee ASAP? THIS GIRL!

Loved, loved, LOVED San Francisco. So beautiful and it's just a really cool city. I'll post Florida soon!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

You know you want to know this....

So my friend Lindsey Jones, who's amazing by the way, has a blog that I just discovered. Also amazing. She had one of those fun survey things posted from a while back and since I really have nothing of importance going on right now (other than lots of vacation pics to post) I thought I would fill it out. I always feel a little vain when I do them but I LOVE to read other people's so maybe you'll want to read mine. Here it goes...

3 things that are always in my fridge: Milk (LOVE MILK!), coffee creamer, and butter. Not because I love butter, it's just pretty much a staple.

Most recent guilty pleasure song: I guess with the death of Michael Jackson it would have to be anything by him. I haven't listened to some of it in SO long but it's totally bringing back some amazing memories.

Favorite class from high school: probably Ceramics with Mr. A. It was just fun to be creative and he was a crazy person.

If I could grow anything perfectly in my backyard it would be: Anything really. I can't grow anything. If I touch it, I kill it. I would love to have a backyard full of Crepe Merdels (is that how you spell it??). They are B E A UTIFUL when they bloom.

Most Used Gift: Probably my refrigerator from my in laws or my washer and dryer from my parents. Both wedding gifts, both very necessary.

Talent I wish I was born with: I wish I could sing. I use to think I could as a kid but I guess I hit puberty or I was really never very good. Being able to put my legs behind my head and walk on my hends would also be pretty awesome.

Color I would paint my fingernails if I painted my fingernails: It depends on the season. I love really dark polishes in the fall and winter and light or bright in the summer and spring. I really like no nail polish because when I bite my nails they taste nasty.

Favorite thing to find in your lunchbox as a child: I don't remember. I do remember loving to buy my lunch on chicken patty day. Me and a girl made up a song about it in the 4th grade. They were so yummy back then but I don't think I would touch cafeteria food if you paid me now...unless I forget my lunch. YUCK-O.

Age you would not like to revisit: Freshman year of college. I was an idiot. New found freedom was not good for me.

Age you would like to revisit: Early childhood. Like 4, 5, or 6. I wish so badly I could remember not caring about anything but I just can't. I look at the kiddos in my class and just love how they think, respond, love, laugh. It's a pretty incredible age and it's sad that most of us don't really remember it.

Book I still haven't finished but is on the top of my finish list: Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. I started one but never had the time to finish it. I should probably do that this summer. I adore Francine Rivers...she's incredible.

Favorite Childhood Pet: Probably our bird Daisy. She started my whole fear of birds. She was always a great conversation piece too. My sister's friend's mom who had some alcohol problems use to come over and ask what the birds name was 100 times a visit. My dad lied and told her it was Fluffy. True story. Much funnier when my dad explains it.

Well wasn't THAT fun?!?!?