Monday, March 30, 2009

Ups and Downs

I really want to be a good blogger but it's just not working out so well. I'll keep trying.

News on the baby front....Wednesday I took a home pregnancy test and found out that we were pregnant...YAY! I took another one Thursday (positive) and another on Friday (3:15 am...positive) so we were very excited. We shared the news with our families, scheduled an appt with my doctor, and got really, REALLY happy. Then Saturday came. I worked the LISD job fair in the morning, ate lunch, and took a nap. Around 2 I woke up and had a little bit of spotting. Well, my little bit of spotting turned into bleeding. It happened off and on all day Saturday and Sunday and into Monday. This morning I went to the dr and we're not exactly positive what is going on but there is no sac causing us to assume it was a chemical pregnancy (very early miscarriage where the embryo doesn't implant to the uterine lining). I had blood work done today and go back on Wednesday to find out exactly what is happening.

So that is obviously sad however Chris and I are excited that we can get pregnant on our own! We've been praying since we've visited the infertility specialist that a door would close on IVF if it wasn't what we were suppose to do and we're believing this was a door SLAM. Everything I've read has said that most women go on from chemical pregnancies to have a healthy pregnancy. We are mourning our loss but joyous that God has answered our prayers.