Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This and That

For those of you who did not know, this month's IUI was not successful. I was fine the first few days but it hit me Thursday. I'm unable to do another IUI this month because of TAKS test timing (ridiculous, I know!) and I'm actually very glad. I need a little break. So this month will I'll be focused on having fun and not worrying about a baby.

On a positive note, we bought new couches! When I came home crying my eyes out Thursday because of our failed IUI, Chris suggested we go buy. We've been looking for a little while and knew what we wanted so we went for it. Our previous couches were cream colored microfiber and showed dirt way too easily. We decided it would be best to get something dark for we went for chocolate chenille with lots of pillows. I would post a pic but my camera is at school so it won't be today. Plus I hate the throw pillows. I'm getting them recovered as soon as I find fabric. My friend Courtney and I are looking at fabric Thursday so hopefully I'll find something then.

Tonight I went to yoga and it felt SOOO good. I've been slacking in the gym motivation department (mostly due to all the baby stress) so it was nice to hit it again. It makes me so much more aware of what I'm putting in my body too. I came home and cooked some chicken and green beans...by the way....how good are green beans??? I never cook them because Chris doesn't like them but they are YUMM-O!