Saturday, October 18, 2008

Austin Fun

For my birthday this year I really wanted tickets to So You Think You Can Dance? I'm slightly obsessed with the show. The day the tour was in Dallas was a Friday night which was not going to fly with football season. So Chris, the most amazing husband ever, got tickets in Austin and we made a little weekend out of it. I had never been and was AMAZED at how beautiful it is down there! We had a blast!
At So You Think You Can Dance?

Chris in front of a fountain on the UT campus. The Longhorn's gigantic football stadium is behind it.

The buildings on campus were so beautiful!

Chris showing his lack of love for the Longhorns.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Texas State Fair

Every year my school hands out free State Fair of Texas tickets and every year we have too much going on to ever go. This year we finally decided to use the tickets and at a perfect time. I think if we went any sooner I would have suffered from culture shock and homesickness but now that I'm use to the great state of Texas, we had a great time.

The coupons are $.50 a piece so it was $6 for each of us to ride the ferris wheel. It's the biggest ferris wheel in America which is fitting considering "everything's bigger in Texas!" More expensive too!

Chris, believe it or not, is tall enough to ride the ferris wheel.

Kristin on the ferris wheel.

Taken by the sweet couple we rode with.

Texas, An American Revolution. Gotta love the pride!

Our first blog

So, we thought we'd try our hand in the BLOG world after our fair share of MySpace and Facebook. Now that Chris is coaching and Kristin is crazy in the life of Kindergarten, we deemed it appropriate to share all our funny stories. Check back frequently because we have no idea what we are doing which could make for some pretty interesting blogs.