Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gender Reveal-It's A.....


We actually found out last week but I wanted to have pictures and the whole nine yards. I have not had 10 seconds to blog let alone scan in the ultra sound pics so I hope you don't mind settling for the story.

My OB decided that due to my past miscarriages, difficulty getting pregnant, and my family history of autoimmune diseases that sending me to a specialist would be appropriate. Of course I freaked out slightly and thought that was an indicator of a possible problem. I was excited to find out the gender but I was mostly just anxious to see a perfect baby on that screen.

Wednesday, Chris and I met at Lewisville Hospital to have our anatomy scan done. The first thing I told the doctor was "we want to know the gender". I was so afraid she would do the whole thing and not tell us. She started at the head and did all the scan from head to "goods" and posted a pic on the screen. She asked if we wanted to guess what the baby was. It was CLEARLY obvious to me. I said "that's a boy, right?" and she typed on the screen "IT'S A BOY". Chris of course beamed ear to ear and I started crying. Something about knowing exactly what you are growing inside you makes it SO much more real. I cried off and on for the rest of the day. I was beyond excited to know that I would have a son. I still love thinking about it.

Everything on the scan looked great. In fact, the baby is measuring a little larger than expected. He is in the 80th percentile for size. We'll see if that changes as he grows. Chris and I are elated because we are small people (I'm 5 ft 4 in and I won't tell you how tall Chris is...he'll lie about it anyway...HA!). I do need to go back in three weeks because he was not cooperating while showing his heart. There are clearly 4 chambers and the aorta looks great but she needs to look more in depth before saying everything is wonderful. I'm excited to get to see him again so soon. Pray that everything looks great with his little heart!

We are so excited to welcome Colby Samuel Crowder to the world in July. Pray for his growth and development to continue to be perfect!