Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ants and Books

We've been getting a TON of rain here in Texas (hello Mother kiddos need to get out and PLAY!!!) and it helped these friends to build a nice new home in my backyard...

Yes friends, that is an ant pile. My camera battery was dead when we first found it so here it is with ant killer covering it. I have NEVER seen such a huge ant residence in all my life (which is saying much because fire ants don't exist in STL....this is big right???)

This gives you a little better idea of exactly how humongous it is. It's nearly as big as our sweet dog. Majorly gross. I'm pretty much like a 5 year old when it comes to ant piles. I like to put a stick in there to get them all fired up and watch them come to the surface. That's why you see all those holes in the mound...I was playing =)

In more meaningful news, I'm currently reading two books.

I'm almost finished with this book and it is hilarious. It talks about all the funny stuff elementary kids do and say at school. One of the stories is the author talking about having an AMAZING lesson planned, executing it perfectly, and then a kid farts. The whole class roars with laughter and you never get them back. SO TRUE! HA!

Just bought this one today and I'm SO excited to read it. I read the introduction today and I think it's going to be awesome. I'll let you know as I read it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Divine Appointments

This weekend was one of those times in my life that I could just really feel God working. He's such a God of details and this weekend definitely confirmed that. Try to follow along because it's an "all over the place" type story.

This weekend we went to what our church calls Experience. It's basically a meeting for people interested in knowing more about the church and possibly membership (or as they prefer to call it, partnership. Membership is for golf courses, partnership is to stand along side the church). It's kinda a big hoorah because they only have it about 6 times a year. We've been at this church since March and are really trying to get planted and decided it was time to take that step. We tried to go to Experience during "Swine Flu Break" (remember that post???) but they cancelled due to schools closing from the virus. They rescheduled in June but we were on vacation so we signed up for the next available class, this past Saturday. So we get seated at our table and our "table host" as they call it starts chatting with us. Turns out he's a coach turned administrator and she's a SAHM. We instantly connect from being in the coaching field and the boys know a lot of the same people. The next couple that comes to our table is slightly older than us but we make a random connection with them because we're going to the same small group that started the next day (and there were only 5 couples in the small group, 2 of us being at the same table at Experience.). So we all get to talking and somehow get into our infertility struggle. Now this is not information we just share with anyone but we definitely don't keep it quiet either. We need the prayer. Turns out another couple in our table hosts small group went through 4 years of struggling, went to this doctor in the area, and now have a 9 month old daughter (and they live right down the street from us...crazy!). He gives us their number and tells us if we're comfortable to give them a call-if not, us 3 couples would get together for dinner. Chris and I went home really encouraged that God had a plan for us at that table. We felt like God had a definite divine appointment for us there-especially after all the times we were suppose to be there and got cancelled!

Sunday morning we were at church and got to talking to one of the pastors in the atrium in between services. We talked about the connections we made last night and about how we were going to give this couple who struggled like us a call-and that couple "RANDOMLY" walked by right while we were talking with the pastor! So we spent about 15 minutes talking with them and they were SO encouraging. We talked doctors and heartbreak and God's awesome plan. I really feel like that's another relationship that will be blooming soon.

The other couple from our table who were in our small group as well have really been a great encouragement as well. She came up to me before small group started and said with tears in her eyes that the Lord had laid me heavy on her heart last night and that as she was praying He spoke for us to get ready to be blessed. That was one of the first times during this battle that someone had said that and I truly believed it. None of what happened this weekend is a coincidence. God doesn't just lay you heavy on someone's heart or put other couples who struggled in your path for no reason. I know this weekend was full of divine appointments and I'm excited to see what comes from them.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

He Loves Us

Love, love, LOVE this song. We sang it Wednesday night at the Back to School prayer service and again this morning. I've seriously been sitting on my couch with my laptop in my lap listening to it over and over again crying. It's UNBELIEVABLE how much God loves His children.

Amazing, huh?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Back to School Prayer

Holy Moly. I've never appreciated a 3 day weekend quite like this one. My life has been pure craziness for the past 3 weeks or so and it feels so good to just BE for a day or two. I really am loving 3rd grade and I feel like God is using me there but I'm starting ALL OVER AGAIN. Tough stuff. I'm not complaining, just saying. =)

Wednesday night our church had a Back to School prayer night. We typically do not have church on Wednesday since the focus is more on small groups but they wanted to kick off the school year with some worship and prayer. It was so amazing. It was so good to take a time out from the craziness (although both Chris and I were TOTALLY drained) and spend some time with God. He really put some new things in my heart. I've been so stressed out with all the change that I haven't really been focusing on praying for each of the kids. So on Thursday and Friday morning, I prayed over my class. Not necessarily for their education (although I think that's incredibly important) but over their character. Over situations that I know are struggles for them. For example, a child in my class lost his father last year to cancer. I can't even imagine how devastating and life changing that would be. So I prayed over that situation. I prayed that God would give me the words to say to help his heart heal. That he would feel comfortable enough to open up to me if he's hurting. That God would do a work in him that would be nothing short of a miracle. When I got to school in morning, I did my regular routine-check the folders. I opened up his and saw that he joined the UIL group that I'm leading. Tears immediately filled my eyes. I know that God is putting him there to use me. EXACTLY what I prayed for. I love a good God story! He is so faithful.