Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend wrap up

How much do I L O V E Sundays?? Get up early, praise Jesus at church, eat a yummy lunch and nap...does it get better? Today we went to the early service and made our first step to get involved in our new church called "Starting Place". It's a fairly large church so it can be hard to form relationships. I'm glad that this church does something to help people get to know people and be known. We had a great time this morning. There were about 8 other families/couples there in the same boat as us, trying to get connected in the church. I really can't tell you how excited I am about this. One of my favorite things at our church in St. Louis and the church we were at here in Texas was serving and being involved. Can't wait to find our place at Valley Creek!

In other news, this weekend was Frog Street educational conference. It's a conference targeted for early childhood teachers which makes it VERY crazy. Only at an early childhood conference can they dress up like characters and grown women scream and funny! This year I helped present at the conference with my friend Emily. She uses lots and lots of technology in her classroom (as I also try to do) so we led a class on ways to incorporate technology in the classroom. It went so well! People seemed to enjoy the presentation and got a lot out of it. That was my first time to present at an education conference but hopefully it won't be my last. It was a blast!

The last weekend highlight-my sweet husband painted the guest bedroom/office/hopefully future nursery! I refinished an old desk white and it is going to look SO good in this room. I picked out the wall color based on that but it would be pretty amazing if we had a little boy one day too. Chris is praying for that because he really doesn't want to paint it again =)

The color is a little brighter on camera than in reality but you get the idea. Yes, that crate is our dog cage for our 18 lb. dog. We like her to live large and in charge!

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