Friday, July 17, 2009

Why am I thinking about school in July?

It's summer time and what am I thinking about...SCHOOL!! Ay yi yi. Not even the educational part, the decorating fun part. I recently got back from Frog Street educational conference and bought some super fun border and letters.

How much do I LOVE this border??? So adorable!

Matching letters

So here's the dilemma I'm in. I wanted to use the border and letters to write "Wild about Kindergarten" on my bulletin board. I was going to find cute jungle animal cutouts to write their names on and staple them up around the words but I can't find cute ones ANYWHERE! The only jungle animals I can find are monkeys. Will it look weird if I only use monkeys with all this zebra border? Or will it balance it out? HELP ME!

One of the monkey cutouts

The second one. I think I like this one better.

I really shouldn't even be thinking about school right now (I have a month of summer left!)...maybe they'll have some more jungle cutouts by August.


Channa said...

Love the border!!! Too cute! I guess it is hard not to think about school when your husband is about to go back.

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

So glad to find your blog while blog hopping today. I love making new friends and finding new blogs.
I enjoyed my visit to yours.