Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chris LOVES Hide and Seek

My day started off AWESOME. By awesome I of course mean totally stressful and the worst morning ever.

Last night Chris and I went to the grocery store. No big deal. Chris drove us home, we unloaded the groceries, and had a great end of the night. No big deal.

This morning, I got ready for work and just like every morning, I'm running like 10 minutes late. I grab my purse, coat, and run to the hook in the laundry room to grab my keys. Not there. I look in the kitchen. Not there either. Nor the kitchen, the bathroom, the couch cushions, the hamper, the trash, etc. You name it, I checked there. NO WHERE.

As I'm frantically running around the house searching, I'm calling Chris's cell phone 581 times. No answer. He's in basketball practice and has his ringer off. At this point, I'm in hormonal tears and can't figure out what to do. So I call his school. I get my crazy stalker wife on and tell the secretary the story and she pages him. Chris calls me and has no idea where they are. I'm so crazy at this point I pretty much just demand that he comes to pick me up so I can get to work. He's good with that. About 2 minutes later he calls back and tells me to look in the backseat of the car where the groceries were. Guess what? There were the dang keys. He texted me sorry 101 times and now things are all good. Did I mention this is the same guy who lost his cell phone and found it in a potato chip bag?? Good thing my husband is so stinkin likable because I thought I might kill him and I would not look pretty in an orange jumper. :)

Isn't that a fun game? If you want to borrow him for a day or so to see what other tricks are up his sleeve, I'll let you!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

13 weeks

I'm 13 weeks!

I haven't decided if I'm going to post one of these every week or not but I do want the memory of exactly what I was feeling throughout this pregnancy. This is 4 days late, I change weeks on Saturdays.

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 13 weeks
Size of baby: the size of a peach (2.9 in and .81 oz)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: About a pound
Maternity Clothes: not so much. I can't button any of my pants so the Belly Band has been my BFF. That thing is amazing! I may need to use it after pregnancy to hide the good ole muffin top...HA!
Gender: Don't know yet but can't WAIT to find out. We will be so excited either way :)
Movement: Nope. Can't wait for that day!
Sleep: All the time. Still. I though energy was suppose to come back in the second trimester??
What I miss: Coffee. I've tried drinking organic decaf but coffee doesn't even taste good. I really, really want it to!
Cravings: Anything salty. Or sweet. I guess just food. Sometimes things will sound SO good and then I start eating them and hate it.
Symptoms: Tired, major growing belly. I think the nausea may be leaving but it still comes and goes. I was mostly getting sick at night.
Best Moment this week: Getting to meet Jason Garret and Terrence Newman at my brother in law's event for his foundation "Get in the Box". I'm so mad I didn't think to get autographs for the baby book!

Want to see a miracle?

God is so unbelievably good. Want to see how good?

Can you even believe that? Here's the story.

Chris and I were 100% ready to adopt. After 3 years of trying and 2 miscarriages, I was done. I wanted much more to be a mother than to be pregnant. Chris completely agreed and we dove head first into the adoption plan as I'm sure has been very evident through this blog. We began fundraising, went to the first meeting with the adoption agency, were tracking families, etc. I truly believe that the Lord wanted us to start the process and through it He has brought some amazing stories and great friendships. Pregnancy was COMPLETELY off the radar. I didn't care about being pregnant, just wanted to be a mom.

And then it happened.

Chris and I were in St. Louis visiting my family for Thanksgiving. I was a few days late but didn't think much of it because being a few days late is not completely abnormal for me, especially after my miscarriage in July. Chris really wanted me to test and I was incredibly frustrated with him. I was finally fine with not being pregnant and all he wanted was for me to test. I waited several days because I was crampy and then Chris finally talked me into it. He went into Walgreens, bought the test, and we headed home. I went in the bathroom with the test and really was pretty angry. I've taken a TON of pregnancy tests and even the ones that were positive never ended well. It seemed like this whole pregnancy thing was just not for us. I waited for the words to pop up on the screen and there it was-PREGNANT. I have never felt anxiety like I felt in that moment. I walked out of the bathroom, looked at Chris and said "You're not going to believe this". We both just started laughing! What in the world? I've tried FOREVER to get pregnant and now I pregnant in the middle of this adoption process! I called my doctor in Texas immediately and they called in a prescription for progesterone right away. I started taking it that day. I'm so thankful my doctor was so gracious to do that without ever seeing me or confirming the pregnancy. After 2 losses, my heart couldn't handle another one.

My doctor has done a TON of sonograms because of my history. Get ready for some pics!
Here's baby at 5w5d. I about went in to cardiac arrest because the gestational sac measured a week small. I off course thought that I had lost the pregnancy because of my history. Let's just say sonograms have not been friendly to me. After that ultrasound, I was totally discouraged. I mentally prepared myself to lose the pregnancy. I know that sounds terrible but I just knew that it was too good to be true. The doctor was not concerned with the measurement but put me on high risk because of my history and asked me to come back in two weeks.

We went back to the doctor and saw a sweet heartbeat and only measured 3 days small. The heartbeat was the most INCREDIBLE thing I have ever heard. The first fetal heartbeat measured at 130.

Here's baby at 8w2d and measuring 8w1d. The fetal heartbeat this time was 180! I drank a Sprite before and I think baby may have had a sugar rush. My doctor said everything looked great and she saw no reason to keep me high risk. WOOHOO!

The latest and greatest-sweet baby at 12w2d. The heartbeat was 158. I still cannot believe that I am carrying a baby. It has been such a journey to get here and I am reminded every time I look at my stomach how amazing God's faithfulness is.