Monday, July 20, 2009

The Big D

How much do I love this stinkin dog? Today I had a TERRIBLE headache (I think it's the barometric pressure) and pretty much moped around all day. I went to boot camp, came home, slept some, ate lunch, and slept some more. Dallas was my cuddle buddy through it all. I just love snuggling up with her. She's so sweet---but only to me and Chris. She pretty much dislikes anyone else. She barks and hides and when she decides she wants to come around, it has to be on her own terms. She's super skiddish and wants to be under our feet when other people are around. I just LOVE HER!

Can you see why?


Channa said...

Awe, too cute!! We have Ava and she is defiantly a mamas girl. But she is really great around people and other dogs. But she puts me at easy when J.R. is away

Lindsey Carver said...

Now those are some classic puppy dog eyes! I hope you are having a great summer!