Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dave Ramsey is a Genius!

Can I just say this man is a genius??? Chris has ALWAYS been into finances and has been a fan of saving since before we ever met. I only the other hand am a SPENDER! I make money to spend money. That's why we're the perfect balance =)
Chris started reading this book and planned out a budget for us. Our typical budget was pay the bills, put some in savings, invest a little, and spend the rest. We really had no idea where the rest was going. Dave Ramsey has you budget a percentage of what you make for each category. For example, 23-25% of what you make should go towards your mortgage, 3-7% toward clothing, etc. We broke everything down and figured out exactly where our money needs to go. We don't have any credit card debt but we do have my student loan and one car payment. If we remain faithful to this "program", we will have my student loan (which I thought wouldn't be paid off until I was 40!) and car paid off in 2 years! That's INSANE! Then all that money we were paying on those bills will go into savings for the future. So EXCITING!
I'm sure this is so exciting for you to hear about our finances but I highly recommend Dave Ramsey's book. It will change the way you spend your money!


MELISSA said...

I'm glad you posted about this. My hubby and I have been thinking about getting this book and following Dave's plan. Some of our friends (a married couple) was telling us that it's great. And you just confirmed! Where can I get a good deal on the book?

misty said...

Hey girl! Thanks for the good review on this book! We love Dave Ramsey and try to live by his principles, but have never read one of his books or done a class. We've always wanted to, so you are giving us the inspirational jumpstart to do it! That'll be our next read together! Thanks!

Channa said...

My best friend and her husband are also doing this program!! They are very happy with how it is changing their financial future