Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why Bother Making Plans???

I'm not sure why I tell y'all what is going on with my eggs because it changes CONSTANTLY!! I went to the doctor Saturday to check on my follicles and they had grown about 2 mm in 2 days so they STILL weren't ready. Dr. Haas decided to have us wait until Sunday at 9 pm to get the shot and then do the IUI at 10:45 Tuesday. Chris and I have decided to take the entire day off work to hang out and enjoy each other after the craziness we've been through the past couple off weeks with meds, doctor appointments, etc. I really don't have an "feeling" on this cycle but Chris truly thinks that an IUI is all we've needed this entire time. He says it may not necessarily be this cycle but he thinks we'll get pregnant with an IUI soon. I guess time will tell!

On a separate subject, our sweet dog has MAJOR separation anxiety. She'll sometimes throws up when we leave and other nasty stuff to let us know how much she hates that we leave her. We crate her everytime we leave the house and she's always like her cage and would go hang out in there if we were busy with other things. The past month, everytime I come home there's a big pile of drool at the door of her crate. I thought it was weird so I looked it up and there's a lot of beagles who drool when they're anxious. Then last night, we came home from dinner at a friend's house and she had CHEWED AN ENTIRE METAL BAR OFF and chewed the base of another one so that it was popping off. There were drops of blood in her cage and some on the carpet just in front of it. We looked all over her and couldn't find any cuts on her so it must have been in her mouth. WHAT IN THE WORLD?? We threw out her crate and we're going to try letting her roam the house when we leave. I'm mostly concerned with potty in the house because she's not a chewer (unless it's a metal dog crate apparently) and she mostly sleeps during the day. Hopefully she will hold it like she does in her cage. Her crate was kept in the room that will HOPEFULLY be the nursery one day so I'm hoping that was the Lord's way at getting that room cleaned out to prepare for our miracle IUI baby...HA! That's what I'm praying for!

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