Thursday, March 25, 2010

Growing Follicles

Today I had my ultrasound to check on my follicles with Dr. Haas. The original plan was to look at my follicles, take the Novarel shot, and IUI on Friday or Saturday. That was changed rather quickly once he took a look at my follicles and saw that the two biggest were only 16 mm and 15.5 mm. So instead of going in Saturday for an IUI, I'm going in to look at my follicles again. BUMMER. He doesn't want to do the trigger shot until the follicles are at least at an 18 so hopefully they'll be nice and big on Saturday. The good news is I have two this month that look like they'll release eggs. I'm hoping that because there are two, it will double our chance of it working. Maybe even twin baby Crowders!

I promise other things go on in my life besides just fertility fun but I know that most of you reading want to know what's going on so I'm trying my best to keep you updated. Keep on praying for our miracle baby!

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