Friday, March 19, 2010

The Latest and the Greatest

So I had my MRI done on Monday and there was no tumor...or it there was it was so tiny the MRI machine didn't pick it up. We went to the doctor Tuesday to start round #2 of treatments. He decided to take me off the Femera and put me back on Clomid and up the dosage to 100mg. I had one large follicle with Femera but we're hoping for several this time. I'll start Estradiol Monday, take it through Wednesday, and have an IUI on Friday or Saturday (depending how my follicles look at my appt Thursday). So that's the new plan of attack.

While we were there, he gave me some updates on my blood work. Turns out, all my hormones are out of whack. My progesterone and estrogen are both low, my prolactin is high, and my thyroid is low enough to effect ovulation. Sometimes I ovulate, sometimes I don't, and when I do, it's a crappy egg. So my chart FINALLY has a diagnosis on the top..."Ovulatory Dysfunction." This sounds completely ridiculous but I'm SOOOOO happy! "Unexplained Infertility" super sucks. With ovulatory dysfunction, it's fixable. So we'll see what happens with this next round. I couldn't be happier with my doctor. He's fabulous!

Today is the last weekday of spring! I'm trying to talk Chris into letting me be a stay at home dog mom. I don't think it's working =(

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This Texas Momma said...

Yay for a diagnosis! I've been thinking about you and wondering what was going on. Praying that this diagnosis does the trick!