Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today has really been one of the BEST birthdays I have had in a long time. My dear friends, Amy and April, took me to lunch, shopping and ended our fun with some Design Star (anyone watch the show??? I'm addicted!). The three of us usually spend quite a bit of time together but our summer vacation schedules have kept us separated most of summer. It was SO good to hang out with them and just be our fun, goofy selves.
Chris took me to a yummy dinner at Ferrari's Italian Villa. Umm....YUMM-O! SO dang good. We had a really romantic booth (like the cool half circle kind for two) and ate until our hearts and stomachs were content. It's been a busy week with football so it was so good to reflect on our latest year of life and be together. So great.
Remember that post yesterday about having no plans and having no idea what was going on with my life?? QUESTION SOLVED! My job in Kindergarten was in limbo for the upcoming year. The numbers were lower than expected and it was looking like I could face a force transfer to another school in the district within the next couple of weeks. But God had other plans. My principal moved me up to 3rd grade to keep me on campus. I'm a little nervous but SO excited. God is good and faithful and knows what is best for me. Change doesn't bother me much but a week before school starts is not a lot of time to set up a classroom! I will miss Kindergarten a TON (where else can you sing and dance and act like a lunatic???) but I'm excited to do something different too. Like I said in the previous post-God's plan is not my plan...but it is better than anything I could do myself! Pray for me to love on and encourage the sweet 3rd graders coming into my room next year.

During dinner I looked at Chris and just started crying (I'm such a sap!). My life is SO much more blessed than anything I deserve. This last year has been hard on me in a lot of ways but has also been absolutely amazing. I'm so thankful for the Lord's grace and mercy and Him pouring it out on me even though I don't deserve it-not even a little bit!


Kylee said...

Happy happy birthday! Wow! Sounds like you had an amazingly wonderful day! I am so glad for you!

And bless your heart for realizing how much God has blessed your life. I know from personal experience that it is super hard to do that sometimes...especially when God's plan isn't your plan.

I will be praying for you and hubby. :) Happy bday friend. :)

God bless

Channa said...

Happy Birthday! I am so glad you had such a wonderful day!! You totally deserve it!