Saturday, August 22, 2009

Getting ready for 3rd grade

I'm a bad blogger these days. Maybe because my world was rocked a little trying to get my new 3rd grade classroom put together, my old Kindergarten room packed away, and lesson planning in ONE week. I was able to get into my room last Friday and the kiddos came to "Meet the Teacher" this Friday. I've been doing everything but sleeping at school for the past week. I'm really excited to get started and get in the swing of things because the anxiety is KILLING me. My new team is amazing and have been incredibly helpful but it's really hard to plan for 3rd graders when you're use to Kindergartners. So much of my classroom management, procedures, rules, etc. had to change because it's just no longer applicable. 3rd graders will pretty much be GENIUSES after working with Kinder kids!

Football has started. Chris went to scout this week but Guyer won their first scrimmage. The season starts next Friday and it's looking like Guyer is going to be pretty great!

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Channa said...

Good Luck tomorrow!!! The 3rd graders will love you. Good Luck with football season.