Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu Crazy

I'm sure everyone's super tired of hearing about this "swine flu" business but what in the world??? There has been one confirmed case in my district and at the end of the day today, they made the decision to close for a week. We will not need to make up the days missed which will leave us at 4 weeks until the end of the year. Chris' district has 2 probable cases and they are yet to close. I'm sure once the cases are confirmed, his district will also shut down. I understand being cautious (my room has been Lysol-ed and my kids are GermX-ed) but closing down entire districts is a little extreme! It's looking like this will be one of those things you watch on "I Love the insert year" on VH1 like mad cow disease or bird flu. We'll look back and think "remember that time everyone that they were going to die over this crazy flu?" Until then, I'll try to remain quarantined in my house with Oprah, Ellen, and Regis and Kelly. I also won't be doing this-

Stay healthy!

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