Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Surgery was a SUCCESS!

Chris' umbilical hernia surgery went very smoothly. The hernia was smaller than they originally thought so they ended up just sewing it up instead of inserting the mesh. Chris did well under the anesthetic and was pretty well drugged most of the day yesterday. They gave him Darvocet so outside of being sore, he's feeling pretty good.
After surgery yesterday, the brought me back with Chris' mom to chat with him while he was in recovery. When they decided it was time to discharge him, they gave me his clothes and told me to help him get dressed. It CRACKED me up. Partially because I felt like I was doing something wrong being asked to dress my husband in front of his mom (I didn't dress him in front of his mom, just asked to dress him...ha!) and partially because it's EXACTLY what I expect our lives to be like in about 60 years. Me helping my husband put his drawers on every day...HILARIOUS!
My mom and dad are heading to Dallas as we speak (or type...whateva) and should be here in a few hours. I'm sure it will be an eventful week with Steve and Debbi =)

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Channa said...

Awesome! I would feel alittle funny too!