Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year

Time is so weird. How is it that sometimes life goes by so slow and other times it just flies by? How is it that I'm watching bowl games with my husband and I am SEVERAL years older than any player on the field? Or watching the Real World (I know it's stupid but it's my thing, let it go) and they're all 21 and 22? I was just that age!!! Now it's 2010, I'm an adult, I have a house, a husband, a dog...what in the world???

I thought I would give a brief run down on the joy and sadness 2009 has brought us.

January-Happy 2009! Chris was crazy coaching basketball and anxiously awaiting baseball season to begin. I finished my 3rd and final round of Clomid and found out we were, once again, not pregnant.

February-Baseball season was in full swing (no pun intended) and I spent many days/nights sitting in the freezing cold supporting my hubby. We went to an infertility specialist and decided to do IVF in the summer. We had all our friends and family pray that God would close a door on IVF if that was not His will.

March-We became pregnant and miscarried. A very sad time in our lives but a blessing that God closed the door on IVF. We decide to book VACATIONS and enjoy each other.

April-I spent a lot of time checking out my husband's backside at baseball games. His freshman team was PHENOMENAL. I was definitely a proud coach's wife. =)

May-Chopped off all my hair for Ponytail Kids Club. 8 crazy inches. Swine Flu craze his Lewisville ISD. We closed for a week and didn't have to make it up. That was amazing and will probably never happen again. Chris got smoked in the head with a baseball. Luckily, he was fine.

June-School's out for summer! Traveled all around having a blast together. San Francisco, a marriage retreat, and Florida all in the month of June.

July-Visit the family in St. Louis. Watch SYTYCD until my husband wants to throw the TV away. Sleep until 10. Live it up teacher style!

August-I get a year older. Find out I'm going to teach third grade instead of Kindergarten. Set up a new classroom in a week.

September-We start getting involved at the new church. Make new friends and join a small group. Chris gets a year older. Find out I love 3rd grade!

October-Had fun with trick or treaters in our neighborhood...that may be my favorite thing about being a home owner! Football season is tiring but oh so much fun. The high school is AMAZING this year!

November-Middle school football ends. I start to notice this guy sleeping in my bed. He said he was my husband but I forgot I had one from all the football games. My parents traveled south for Thanksgiving. We hosted both sides of the family for the second ever Crowder Thanksgiving. I cook one MEAN turkey y'all.

December-Playoffs for football. Guyer lost to the same team they lost to last year in the semi finals. Had a CRAZY GOOD season. Traveled to STL for Christmas. Enjoyed my family so much it's disgusting. Crazy organized our house thanks to my new found love, Dymo Labelmaker.

2010...what do you have in store for the Crowder's? We can hardly wait to find out!

Sorry if there's a thousand and one grammar/spelling errors. I did not read back through this because it took WAAAAYYY longer than I wanted to spend on the computer. Night y'all!

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i love the crowders. aaaahhhh.