Sunday, November 15, 2009

A Visit from Costello and Microwave Explosion

One of Chris' old roommates and best of friends, Costello, was in town from Nashville this weekend. Holy moly have we missed that guy. He is the king of randomness and made us laugh SO hard. Here's a few things he did that made me crack up (hopefully these will be funny even if you weren't there)-
    • He tells us that one Sunday at church, a girl standing next to him randomly started holding his hand during worship. He freaked out....does that really happen????
    • He told us a guy gave him a bed because he's had the same one since college (with no box spring, laying on the ground). We asked why he doesn't just buy a bed and he said "because I don't know how big my wife is going to be!" HA!
    • He's laying on the floor and randomly says "I can be a piece of bacon." Then he proceeds to CONVULSE on the ground like he's having a seizure. He said it's similar to bacon hopping around in a frying pan. After he was finished with his seizure, he sits up and says "it looks much better without my shirt on." Weird....

Speaking of bacon...I had Chris' family over for dinner to celebrate his mom and dad's birthdays. I thought it would be really fun to make each make our own little homemade pizza (and it was!) so I chopped, drained, and cooked all the toppings. I put some bacon in the microwave on a ceramic plate and BAM! The entire plate EXPLODED in my microwave. I'm talking shattered into a thousand pieces. I have no idea how it didn't damage the microwave but the only casualties were the plate and the bacon. Weird.

One more week of school and then off for a WHOLE WEEK! I'm doing a Thanksgiving play with my 3rd graders for their parents Friday...pray I can make it until then. Planning a play with 8 year old kiddos might give me a mental breakdown! HA! They're so excited which is awesome...hopefully it goes well!


Team Sherman said...

I'm laughing so hard rereading Costello's conversations from this weekend! Thanks for hanging out with us this weekend. We had a great time. Sorry about your microwave.

Lindsey Carver said...

How fun! I hope your play goes amazing! I remember my first year of teaching I was in the third grade hall and the teacher next to me did plays all the time. The kids and I loved going to see them. I was always astonished at what the kids to do/accomplish, and I know your kids will have the same results!