Saturday, November 21, 2009

Two end of November prayer requests

Alright ya'll. Chris and I are in need of your prayers. Lots going on at the end of November.
About 6 months ago, my ultra competitive husband went mountain biking with some guys. My husband....not a mountain biker. He doesn't have a mountain bike so he used on of the guys old, beat up bikes. After a few hours of riding, he came home, about to die. He, of course, wanted to hang with the guys that actually ARE mountain bikers so pushed himself till near death. A few days later, a little lump appeared on his belly button. Yup. Umbilical hernia. So Chris decided to schedule his surgery for Thanksgiving so he would have the time to heal while off work. Alas, the time is here. Chris goes into surgery Monday morning. It's a minor day surgery but my husband has never had surgery. Pray that everything goes well.
Prayer request number 2. We're going to see another infertility specialist November 30th. We've been to one and just didn't feel good about it. She immediately wanted to start injections and IUI's without really checking anything out. I'm not exactly comfortable with pumping my body full of hormones without knowing exactly what is going on with us (we still fall under the "Unexplained Infertility" category). A girl I work with has been trying SEVEN years, went to this fertility doctor, and got pregnant on Clomid and an IUI. For those of you who are not well versed in infertility talk, that costs about $2,500 less than the injections our first doctor wanted us to do. I'm not expecting for that exactly to happen to us but it's comforting to know that her doctor didn't automatically ask her to do the high ticket treatments. All this to say, we're going to her doctor. I'm hopeful and praying that the Lord is planning on giving us our miracle soon. Please be praying for guidance and comfort for us during the next few months as we are working with this new doctor.

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Channa said...

Good Luck with the new doctor and the appointment!

And y'all will be in our prayers on Monday!

We hope you have a great Thanksgiving holiday. I am sure y'all are excited about the break. I know it is much needed!