Sunday, February 14, 2010

Time for Treatment #1 (and hopefully ONLY!) cycle has begun. I'm going in the next day or two for my first ultrasound (to make sure I'm producing eggs) and I begin Clomid Tuesday. After my round of Clomid, I'll go back in to check on my follicles and have and HCG shot to release the eggs. Chris and I will work hard (wink wink!) the next few days and then go back for a progesterone count in about 3 weeks. Prayer warriors, PLEASE pray! Not knowing why we aren't getting pregnant is SOOOO frustrating and it would be a gift from God for this to work our first try. We have been trying to have a baby for 28 MONTHS and are in need of some good news. Chris and I greatly appreciate the prayers and now that the Lord has a big plan for a future baby Crowder!

*****CORRECTION****** My doctor decided against Clomid and put me on Femera. I've read lots of success stories about Femera-especially loving the fact it doesn't thin the uterine lining like Clomid. Since we have low progesterone (which is what thickens the uterine lining), I really can't afford it to be thin! I go back for a second ultrasound February 25th so pray for BIG follicles/eggs to come!

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Channa said...

Good Luck! Y'all will be in our thoughts and prayers!