Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ants and Books

We've been getting a TON of rain here in Texas (hello Mother kiddos need to get out and PLAY!!!) and it helped these friends to build a nice new home in my backyard...

Yes friends, that is an ant pile. My camera battery was dead when we first found it so here it is with ant killer covering it. I have NEVER seen such a huge ant residence in all my life (which is saying much because fire ants don't exist in STL....this is big right???)

This gives you a little better idea of exactly how humongous it is. It's nearly as big as our sweet dog. Majorly gross. I'm pretty much like a 5 year old when it comes to ant piles. I like to put a stick in there to get them all fired up and watch them come to the surface. That's why you see all those holes in the mound...I was playing =)

In more meaningful news, I'm currently reading two books.

I'm almost finished with this book and it is hilarious. It talks about all the funny stuff elementary kids do and say at school. One of the stories is the author talking about having an AMAZING lesson planned, executing it perfectly, and then a kid farts. The whole class roars with laughter and you never get them back. SO TRUE! HA!

Just bought this one today and I'm SO excited to read it. I read the introduction today and I think it's going to be awesome. I'll let you know as I read it.

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Melissa said...

im reading crazy love too right now... i just finished chapter two. i love it so far!!!