Saturday, June 27, 2009

You know you want to know this....

So my friend Lindsey Jones, who's amazing by the way, has a blog that I just discovered. Also amazing. She had one of those fun survey things posted from a while back and since I really have nothing of importance going on right now (other than lots of vacation pics to post) I thought I would fill it out. I always feel a little vain when I do them but I LOVE to read other people's so maybe you'll want to read mine. Here it goes...

3 things that are always in my fridge: Milk (LOVE MILK!), coffee creamer, and butter. Not because I love butter, it's just pretty much a staple.

Most recent guilty pleasure song: I guess with the death of Michael Jackson it would have to be anything by him. I haven't listened to some of it in SO long but it's totally bringing back some amazing memories.

Favorite class from high school: probably Ceramics with Mr. A. It was just fun to be creative and he was a crazy person.

If I could grow anything perfectly in my backyard it would be: Anything really. I can't grow anything. If I touch it, I kill it. I would love to have a backyard full of Crepe Merdels (is that how you spell it??). They are B E A UTIFUL when they bloom.

Most Used Gift: Probably my refrigerator from my in laws or my washer and dryer from my parents. Both wedding gifts, both very necessary.

Talent I wish I was born with: I wish I could sing. I use to think I could as a kid but I guess I hit puberty or I was really never very good. Being able to put my legs behind my head and walk on my hends would also be pretty awesome.

Color I would paint my fingernails if I painted my fingernails: It depends on the season. I love really dark polishes in the fall and winter and light or bright in the summer and spring. I really like no nail polish because when I bite my nails they taste nasty.

Favorite thing to find in your lunchbox as a child: I don't remember. I do remember loving to buy my lunch on chicken patty day. Me and a girl made up a song about it in the 4th grade. They were so yummy back then but I don't think I would touch cafeteria food if you paid me now...unless I forget my lunch. YUCK-O.

Age you would not like to revisit: Freshman year of college. I was an idiot. New found freedom was not good for me.

Age you would like to revisit: Early childhood. Like 4, 5, or 6. I wish so badly I could remember not caring about anything but I just can't. I look at the kiddos in my class and just love how they think, respond, love, laugh. It's a pretty incredible age and it's sad that most of us don't really remember it.

Book I still haven't finished but is on the top of my finish list: Mark of the Lion series by Francine Rivers. I started one but never had the time to finish it. I should probably do that this summer. I adore Francine Rivers...she's incredible.

Favorite Childhood Pet: Probably our bird Daisy. She started my whole fear of birds. She was always a great conversation piece too. My sister's friend's mom who had some alcohol problems use to come over and ask what the birds name was 100 times a visit. My dad lied and told her it was Fluffy. True story. Much funnier when my dad explains it.

Well wasn't THAT fun?!?!?

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