Friday, January 9, 2009

Our battle with infertility

I just wanted to share a little bit about the journey that we have been on with infertility. In October 2007, Chris and I decided to start trying to make a baby Crowder. It was an exciting and scary time but we were ready for the role of parenthood. After about 3 months of trying, I had a terrible feeling that something wasn't right. I can't explain it but I knew that there was going to be a struggle. When we reached the 6 months point, I went to my gynocolegist for a routine pap smear. I told her we were trying to get pregnant and she said if we hit the 6 months mark and nothing has happened to give her a call. I quickly let her know we were already there. She said there was most likely nothing to worry about but we would go ahead and start some testing. Chris had a semen analysis and everything came back perfect. I had blood work done to make sure I was ovulating and a HSG (a vaginal xray where they shoot dye into the fallopian tubes to check for blockage) and everything came back perfect. My doctor said to just keep trying and to call back if nothing happened in a year. In October I went back to see her and we decided to do more blood work. I have low progesterone levels which will make it difficult to sustain a pregnancy (I'll take a supplement when we do get pregnant) but shouldn't be an issue in conceiving. She decided to start me on Clomid, an ovulation inducing medication, to help me "super ovulate." I went in after my first round for an ultrasound and had okay follicles but nothing to write home about. Month 2 I had HUGE follicles and about 12 of them. We thought it would definitely be our month. Unsuccessful. I'm now in month 3 of Clomid and possibly the last month of it. After this we will see an Infertility Specialist and decide where to go from there. The biggest challenge is not knowing what is wrong. It would be great if we knew what to fix but everything is coming back great making it very difficult. PLEASE pray for Chris and I to have patience and to trust the Lord's plan. I know it's far better than anything we thought up on our own but it's easy to lose sight of that. We'll keep you updated on everything that goes on with it and I promise to not be so long winded next time!

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