Sunday, November 16, 2008

Boys will be boys

Saturday morning I woke up to Chris telling me he was going to play racquetball with our good friend Grant. About 45 minutes later they came back to Grant and April's house with Jamba Juice-no sweat at all. April asked how their workout. They said the racquetball courts were closed so they went to Jamba Juice and were going to play Wii for their workout. Quite the athletes. Later we went to lunch and drove past a speedometer at the bottom of the hill. So the boys ran down the hill as fast as they could to see how fast the speedometer would clock them. Here's a few pics for proof.

Chris at the bottom of the hill. It clocked him at 16, shot up to 24 for a brief 1/2 second, and back to 18. In this pic it's frozen on 24.
Walking to the car after his jog.
Grant getting ready for his run. Yes, he is wearing a bright purple 1995 letterman's jacket complete with football and wrestling patches and pins. Now on to track and field.

Stretching in a random person's yard after his run. It was completely ridiculous.

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Team Sherman said...

Welcome to blog land!! Jeff just gave me your site. Hope all is well. Let's get together soon!