Saturday, June 5, 2010

Clocked Out

I'm soooooo incredibly jealous of Chris right now-his last day of school was Thursday and we still go until NEXT Thursday!!! Geez. Talk about unfair!

Speaking of school, I really am unsure how exactly I'm going to work 4 more days. I ADORE my kiddos and will miss them terribly but my mind is already set on next year. I'm thinking about moving my Kinder stuff back to school, decorating my new room, and coming up with super cute beginning of school ideas. Not to mention my 3rd graders are OUT OF THEIR MINDS CRAZY right now. Things just haven't been the same since the TAKS test. They are clocked out. Doesn't help much that their teacher is too :)

Chris has games today and I'm thinking with the 102 degree temperature, working at school sounds pretty good. That's just a little toasty to be sitting outside for a ball game. I'm going to pack every single thing up so I'm just moving and setting up after the kids leave Thursday. *FINGERS CROSSED*

On a completely random note, I've been obsessed with the Sirius Radio stations on our Dish TV. I listen to 90's on 9 just about every day. Right now Livin La Vida Loca is you even know how much I loved that song? So funny! It's actually an incredibly stupid song but I'm loving the memories!

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